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Desperate or till Death?

    Not to imply negativity from the start, this Hollywood blog’s aim was to specifically avoid the cynical, no matter what the surfacing headline might be. It does seem like a perfectly objective question to ask considering how young the newly engaged couple is; Cyrus, 19 and Hemsworth 22. Though young love can still be love, it has no age really. The families are in full support of the announcement. It feels as though Hollywood moves fast with these sorts of things. In reality Miley and Liam would be in their college years together, maybe attending the same university, perhaps they went to the same high school since their relationship has a history. Generally couples like this wait to receive a degree before a marriage certificate. In the Cyrus-Hemsworth reality there isn’t any schooling but instead an ongoing movie career and the recording of a fourth album. He is scheduled to have at least three movies premiere this year: Empire State in June, The Expendables 2 in August and Paranoia in September with several to follow in 2013. With this filming schedule it’s a wonder how the Australian actor who grew up on Philip Island south of Melbourne found the time to put together Miley’s custom ring. They both skipped the education phase and already have established their careers; perhaps it’s not so fast. Love and Honor another film on Hemsworth’s résumé set to debut this year may have inspired him to get down on one knee. The couple does have a three year history that began with the making of Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Song in 2009. Hemsworth played Will, the boyfriend of Ronnie, Miley’s character and it did not take much time before the two of them had an off-screen relationship, this is not the first time an engagement was mentioned. Miley had a ring on her left hand some months ago, but she doused the rumors and tweeted for people not to panic, it was only topaz. Now the game has changed and Cyrus is sporting a 3.5 carat diamond set in an 18-karat gold band, featuring carved diamond floral motifs in an art nouveau pattern. Whether or not wedding bells have rung since their first joint script read, the important issue is marriage.

Young, middle-aged, or old it is a monumental decision. Sadly it doesn’t go beyond a Vegas chapel and a 2a.m. ceremony for some folks. The three views of marriage are this; compromise, contract, or covenant.

With the compromise view, the episode of Friends where Phoebe and Rachel are discussing which of the men in the group are their ‘backups’ should they still be unwed by forty comes to mind. Compromise does not sound exciting, it sounds begrudging and frankly, lazy. It does not sound like the choice where happiness is found. The compromise marriage is often seen with older couples who have careers and are raising kids. Ultimately, they have become nothing more than coed roommates. Word of advice; never stop dating. Go out for a drink once a week whatever it is let it be something that is done together as a team, a pair, a couple.

Following compromise is contract; the word itself is about as appealing as the courtroom connotation that goes along with it. It sounds binding, restricting, even straining. A marriage that says “I’ll do my part, you do yours” is not free the way love should be. The contract philosophy has no longevity, he or she will drop the ball because no one is perfect, not even the person who came up with the contract. Before griping about the long list of lack that certain significant other is tied to-reflect on this question. ‘Am I the person that the person I am looking for, is looking for?’ Singles can use this during the soul mate search and longtime married couples can ask that when things change or get tricky. When it’s time to look for things they saw in their beloved at first. Even those mental contacts, those selfish expectations that creep up when they’re not met, drop those don’t even let them linger in the subconscious. Love holds no record of wrongs, want love? Throw away the list.

The last is neither a compromise nor a contract but a covenant. The sacrificial commitment people desire at their core. We all want to believe in the Prince Charmings and the Proverbs 31 women. It doesn’t have to be a fairytale. Wedding vows will always hold meaning, meaning that can be revived and it is up to the man and woman exchanging them to give and sustain that life. “For better or worse…sorrow and joy…sickness and health…to laugh and to cry” all just words until it comes to action. Wives respect your husbands and husbands love your wives. Outdo one another in acts of honor literally, yes literally, try and top each other in ways of proving who cares about the other more. To upgrade a compromise/contract marriage into a covenant, the heart has to be upgraded, tenderized. This doesn’t mean mushy, Hallmark, Twilight vampire-human love but it does mean a new kind of love. Agape, love without condition, the purest of the word, only love and nothing else-Jesus love; not just a strong friendship or great sex. Both come with a covenant marriage, to be bold for a moment, the couple that prays together has better sex. To have a deeper marriage, the married people must be deeper themselves.

Reportedly, Miley and Liam have been living together in San Fernando Valley, California but there’s no solid confirmation of this for the prenuptial partners. A New York Times article published in April of this year called ‘The Downside of Cohabitation’ stated: “Half of all marriages are preceded by cohabitation” the divorce rate is also 50%. It can be solidly confirmed however, that the twenty-two year old actor dropped a solid wad of cash on the nineteen year old actress’ antique cushion cut diamond. The bill was 1000, 000 guess it’s a good thing the actor’s most recent film The Hunger Games exploded the box office.

No blogger, reporter, alleged source or even family friend of either of them could wholly speak about their grounds for marriage. Based on what the media portrays celebrity marriages, it’s always the ones that do not discuss their relationship publically that make it. The last ‘What’s Up Hollywood’ post was ironically about how Brangelina decided to become Mr. and Mrs. (outside of the film where they first met.) Here’s to a long and happy life, a strong marriage that will surprise some and encourage all in the way it is modeled, America’s next powerful duo, surely wedding of the year whenever the date may be and a killer reception without a doubt. Who knows, the guests may breakout in the Hoedown Throwdown dance. The bride might sing it’s her party she can grab that mic if she wants to. Will there be extensions yet again beneath the veil, or will she marry with the short do? What happens if Hannah Montana objects?


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