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Change of Heart



I suppose theirs a lot that could be said about the newly engaged, longtime couple and parents Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This, as with everything else in this crazy world has an infinite number of opinions tagged to it; not all are good, but not all are bad either. This blog is about the positive side of Hollywood and its inhabitants therefore, this will be a positive article. This is not a character debate about him or her; nor is it about the statements Brad has made about not tying the knot “until all those who want to get married are legally able.” It is however about commitment, which is positive and scarcely seen these days. Be committed is a mature decision, an expression of responsibility. It is a noble act. Regardless of how the infamous Brangelina relationship got started, a wedding is a step in the right direction. Kids can sometimes give better advice than any full-grown person with a number of degrees ever could, probably because children are simply pure and honest. Guess daddy took the advice to buy mommy a ring. Hopefully it’s for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer. Best of luck.


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I started WhatsupHollywood because I have a heart for Hollywood and it's important for us to remember celebrities are people too. This line of thinking led to my first novel. Keep up on the book blog for My Famous Friend prior to it's release at My most frequent posts are on Mindless Peace, my personal blog where I post about life, faith, and inspiration in weekly slivers of how I maintain that out-of-my-mind peace.

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