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Lindsay Lohan needs a Hug

The purpose of my blog is to focus on the good in the bad of Hollywood, no matter how dark the scandal. Mean Girls was probably not considered the best movie ever made by everyone, but it was a film of good quality, Georgia Rule was another one that kept interest. What do the two flicks have in common? Miss Lohan, she has talent, her skill as an actress was obvious way back in The Parent Trap days. It would be nice to see her shine again. People hoping for her turn around are sick of asking; what is the deal here? The girl goes to court as often as people go on coffee runs. Dealing with a DUI from 2007, theft, breaking probation; now awaiting her November first hearing-nobody wants that on their plate; instead of pounding down on the starlets every little error; how about an article of encouragement?


Each one of us makes mistakes but the majorities aren’t scrutinized in the public eye. This post isn’t about clichés on not casting judgment. The Golden Rule is well known, as is the phrase about the rock throwers and the glass houses. This is about love, these ridiculous stunts she pulls, the rebellion she throws out, all she needs is love. Hollywood is not the best place to find it, though that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Fame is a tricky lifestyle that many struggle through, or flat out can’t manage. No privacy, shut off from the real world, peer pressure times a million; blaming the person who began with a simple passion for success stops making sense when looked at in their perspective.


The twenty-five year old is somebody’s somebody, fan or not, the fact is she is a person who should be treated with respect. Lohan’s life echoes many similarities of young people, especially girls, going through tough times. Making those mistakes which in turn, helped the most; the search for identity we are all faced with. Still, there comes a time when learning needs to be put into action, otherwise known as growth. “Enough already” can be said with love when obvious potential is just wasting away.


It starts at home. Schools are not to blame, not friends, or the media. Yes, these are influences but a foundation is built in the home. Where’s the parental involvement? Lindsay’s well past eighteen now but before that she got emancipation from Dina and Michael. This sends the message that; she was thrown into the fast lane of fame without proper guidance. Her parents should have been there for her, not mooched off her earnings or pushed her farther into the corrupted world of stardom. They had a responsibility to raise her with morals and values and be there for support. In the world of today, broken homes are highly prevalent, not saying since that is the trend it should continue but, a situation just like the Lohan’s could be in the home next door. Family is too important to put into words. Parents have responsibilities to set proper examples for there children, rich or poor, small or large; more of it needs to happen.


With Lindsay, what’s done is done, she is an adult, her own person. She has to start living like it. Going out, partying, binging, smoking…stop hiding behind bad habits. There is a reason why the Bible says “the love of money is the root of all evil” the more spent, the more accumulates. Then the accumulation of stuff that was never needed in the first place becomes a distraction to what really matters. She seems to be in a whirlpool mix of material satisfaction and the inability to confront personal demons. Rather than bad decisions that go nowhere make better ones that will bring out the best. Looking up from a bottomless pit the question how comes to mind. It starts with the thought that dictate the mindset Lindsay. “It is never too late to be who you might have been.”


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